What do doctors and technicians have in common?

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What do doctors and technicians have in common?

Well, for starters, they both diagnose problems. But did you know they sometimes use the same tools? In this video, Mike uses an oscilloscope to diagnose an issue with this Honda’s distributor.

The one in this video is an oscilloscope. This device measures electricity, it’s used for viewing oscillations of electrical voltage or current. 

We use them on cars to diagnose complex electrical issues. In this particular example, Mike is using the device to diagnose a faulty distributor in a Honda. For reference, the distributor disperses electrical currents to the ignition system. 

Similar to how a doctor uses a heart monitor to track heartbeat and rhythm, Mike is using the scope to search for inconsistencies in electrical function. “We’re looking for a square pattern. The square wave that is present shows that the ignitor in the distributor is producing voltage and the computer is pulsing it to ground. The coil that is in the distributor is most likely worm-out and, in this case, we’ll take the distributor apart and check the coil on the ground side using a multi-meter to confirm.”