Replacing a Front Axle Seal

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Replacing a Front Axle Seal

There’s a seal on the front axle?

The front differential axle allows your tires to rotate.

Inside the axle casing is differential fluid – this keeps the parts running smoothly.  Sometimes the seals that keep the fluid trapped leak due to wear and tear. These leaks can cause friction and damage to the components inside. Here’s a step by step on how you fix the broken seal.

To start, let’s focus on the passenger side axle we’ll be replacing.

Unbolt the axel and drain the fluid.

Remove upper control arm ball joint to allow axle to be out of the way.

Remove half housing bolts from the differential.

Take half housing to a bench and remove “c” clips from shaft to remove axle shaft. Remove seal by prying it with a prybar.

Install seal with a driver.

Install axle shaft:.

Install clips.

Clean both surfaces of diff and add HD RTV..

Install control arm and install axle and torque to specs….

Okay, so maybe this is a lot easier said than done. But this would be the basic step by step – of course, you’d need some tools and some extra time.

If you had any questions about this repair, you can always attend one of our Car Care Classes where we’d love to talk about it in more detail!