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1417 SE 9th Ave. Portland, Oregon 97214
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The shop that started it all

In 2009, Green Drop Garage opened its doors. Back in those days, it was all veggie conversions and elbow grease. As the years went on, we've been able to spruce the place up a little bit - but have been conscious not to make it too nice! Shabby chic is the name of the game here at GDG. After all, we needed to keep the disco ball!

Before this location housed our Founder, Farhad, and his dog, Muggs, it was a bike shop. In fact, the location has a rich history. At one point it was a textile factory that produced parachutes for our troops during World War II. These days, it's an eco-friendly auto repair with a smile.

This location remains the lifeblood of Green Drop Garage. Everything we do stems from the culture of this building.

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If you're not sure about your car's health, schedule an oil change and get a free multi-point inspection to see what your car needs.Let us help you prioritize what's needed to keep you on the road and your car in good health. We'll take a look and provide zero-pressure recommendations about any special attention your car needs.