We stand behind our diagnostics.

We find the problem, present you with a solution, and fix it. Didn’t fix the problem? It’s on us - not you. You won’t pay twice to fix the same problem.

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Because of that we only use the most durable and longest-lasting parts. Sometimes it makes sense to use a part from the dealer, but many times the only difference between that and aftermarket is the manufacturer’s stamp or the box it came in.

There is nothing more wasteful for us or more frustrating for you than fixing your car twice just because we tried to save a few bucks.

We’ll take the time to determine the best part and price for the application so you can make the right choice. Regardless, we stand behind everything we do and install with a 3 year nationwide warranty. Yup – we’ll pay for another mechanic to fix it if there’s a problem while on the road (or if you move!)

We work on Japanese, European and Domestic vehicles.
We also have all the special tools, equipment and know-how to baby your very special TDI and Sprinters too!


Get On Your Way With Lyft Rides & Public Transit

loaner-carDropping off your vehicle for a longer repair? When you leave your car with us, we can Lyft you back to work, home or wherever you need to be while we work on your rig. Or, better yet - enjoy a credit on your repair order and purchase an all day transit pass to take the bus, street car and MAX all over Portland.

Bicycle loaner program returning soon!