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60K Service
Preventive Maintenance

60,000 Mile Maintenance

60K miles is a turning point where cars need more replacements in some parts to retain longevity and value. Our 60,000 car maintenance includes a comprehensive review to keep you safely on the road.

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60K Service Basics

  • Mount and balance tires
  • Spark plug replacement
  • Timing belt replacement
  • Air filter replacements (engine and cabin)
  • Brake pad replacement and braking system check
  • Charging system check
  • A/C, coolant, and transmission fluid flush
  • Lights and fuses
  • Oil change and filter replacement

Green Drop Garage Care Memberships

Did you know you can extend the life of your car though our Care Membership programs? Become a member and get unlimited visits and basic maintenance (plus some great discounts) included as one low monthly subscription.