I look forward to oil changes!

I didn’t think it was possible to get excited to see your mechanic until I started taking my car to Green Drop, now I find myself looking forward to oil changes! No matter what, I know that these folks are going to take excellent care of my car, give me an honest and realistic rundown of repairs and cost, and they’ll explain everything along the way with a genuine smile.

Set it and Forget it

I am appreciating the Car Care membership; I feel like that helps keep costs down when businesses can predict ongoing income….and as a car owner & busy mom/freelancer, this helps me commit to taking regular care of my car by pre-paying.

I Appreciate You

I really appreciate the detailed information provided at the Car Care appointment I had. I hardly know anything about cars and it can be really intimidating talking to someone at a shop. Green Drop’s staff was friendly and didn’t make me feel embarrassed for not knowing enough about my car. I recommend this service to all of my friends and I’m actually excited to come back for my second visit. Thanks!

What a Relief!

I’ve had one visit through the Total Car Care program and feel like it was an incredible value. Next year I might end up paying more than what the individual services cost but it will be worth it since I won’t stress every time I bring my car in or put off needed service because I can’t come up with the money on the spot. This has relieved so much of the stress of car ownership. Thank you for your innovative program!

Your Ethics and Your Staff

I will continue to come back to you guys because of your ethics and your staff.  As a woman, I have never felt intimidated in your shop.  I think your employees try to make the experience as comfortable for clients as they can. It seems like your employees are happy and happy employees make happy customers! 

Top notch!

They aren’t here to rip you off. Seldom will you find a shop like this. I even have a warranty for the starter they replaced… Nationwide. I’ve found a home for my auto repairs. Thanks, Green Drop Crew!

I really love the monthly plan!

Service was great, it was quick and they went above and beyond. I had a coupon code that wasn’t working so I just left it and signed up without it, the owner emailed me personally and told me he would get the issue fixed, I was so impressed with that. Their customer service in the shop was great, they were very friendly and explained everything they had done. I really love being able to pay monthly and get oil changes whenever I need, the price is so reasonable it makes it easy to take my car in.