All your vitals covered. Every time.

Every visit is a comprehensive check-up of your car's vitals.

Next Step Car Care

Oil Change | Wipers | Rotate Tires | Replace Air Filter | Safety Inspection | Dash Light Scan | Bulbs & Fuses | Top Up Fluids
  • $80
  • Conventional re-refined oil

  • $120
  • Synthetic re-refined oil

Includes up to 5 quarts of re-refined oil. Larger engines will cost a little more.

What is Next Step Car Care?

It's more than just an oil change.

When you hand us the keys, we service the vitals your car needs—without the headache of the upsell.

No more hearing about the costs of uneven tire wear, dirty air filters, $15 replacement bulbs, or fresh fancy wipers. We fix it if it needs fixing and leave it if it doesn't.

For One. Fixed. Price.

Along with a comprehensive safety inspection, we perform all needed services on every visit

  • Services
  • Oil Change
  • Safety Inspection
  • Replace Wipers
  • Dash Light Scan
  • Rotate Tires
  • Replace Bulbs + Fuses
  • Replace Engine Air Filter
  • Top Up Fluids

Services are performed based on wear & tear and manufacturer specs, and backed by our good judgment. For unlimited services plus diagnostics, check out our Membership Program.

A Fresh Look at Car Care

Car repair is variable and unpredictable. We want to trust our service providers - but it’s hard to toss them the keys and say, “Do whatever is needed,” when the bill could be in the thousands.

Quick Lube shops offer an oil change for $19.99 and then use scare tactics to sell you overpriced maintenance items. Dealerships offer a more comprehensive basic service, but are still heavily sales motivated.

We're here to serve you, not sell you.

Green Drop Garage is throwing out the "bait-and-upsell" business model. For one fixed price, we take care of your car's vitals. No more phone tag. No more jiffy-upsells.

That's taking the Next Step.