Myths about Electric Vehicle Maintenace

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Myths about Electric Vehicle Maintenace

Exposing the myths about electric car maintenance

EVs are sold as low maintenance which creates a false sense of security. Monitoring vital systems preserves your EV value.


The realities of EV maintenance

Fewer parts need maintenance on an EV, but those few things need regular monitoring and maintenance.

Myth #1: Maintenance-free batteries  Reality: Safeguard your EV battery

Fact: 70% of the value of an EV is its battery and coolant system.

Why wait a year to check your coolant? Tesla recommends 12 month maintenance. Green Drop EV Care includes anytime coolant fluid top ups and safety inspections. Book a free member coolant inspection and fluid top up with Green Drop. Your $9 EV Care gives you confidence before a long drive.

Myth #2: EV tires outlast gas cars  Reality: EV tires wear out 20% faster

Fact: EV weight, modes, and torque wear EV tires out faster.

Rotate EV tires every 4,000 miles or at a tread depth of 4/32”—whichever comes first. Tire rotation, mount and balance, and wheel alignment are all essential safety tire maintenance. This is the perfect time to check your EV brake fluid for contamination. Intervals for brake fluid checks are even shorter with certain driving styles and conditions.

Tesla’s brake fluid top up cost is $70, but Green Drop EV Care members get free fluid top ups and more: free rotations, free tire pressure checks, free flat fixes, and free safety inspection—not to mention tire discounts.

Myth #3: No Transmission, No Fluid  Reality: gearboxes need fluid.

Fact: To ensure smooth shifting, you still need transmission fluid.

Tesla recommends a transmission fluid change every 12,500 miles. EV Care includes regular checks so the transmission fluid replacement is scheduled at appropriate intervals customized to your driving style, vehicle type, and environment.



What’s included with a Green Drop EV Care membership

At the time of this publication, we pulled some pricing information and found these average maintenance costs:

  • FREE Tire rotations vs average costs between $60 – $100 for this service
  • FREE Fluid top offs compared to a dealer cost of around $70
  • FREE Standard bulb and fuse replacements vs a range between $100 – $1,000
  • FREE Standard wiper blade replacements vs an average $75
  • FREE Flat fixes vs an average cost of $80
  • FREE Trouble code scans vs between $50 – $100
  • FREE Safety inspections compared to $150
  • FREE Loaner car use (when available) vs an EV car rental averaging $31 per day
  • Plus, EV Care includes discounts on tires and on mount and balance services

These small numbers add up fast, averaging $600 and up. Compare this to just $9 a month for EV Care memberships where our members are encouraged to bring their electric cars in regularly. That way we can stay on top off maintenance rather than bring owners the bad news that a costly repair is in order. While it’s true EVs have fewer parts, our EV Care membership makes maintenance smart and easy. 

Learn more about our EV Care program or reach out. We’d love to help you protect your investment and keep you and your family safe on the road.