Heavy Duty Care Membership Confirmation

Congratulations and welcome aboard! You're on your way to a great new maintenance experience, starting now. We'd love to take a look at your rig and get some basic maintenance in place. Book an appointment today - we're excited to meet you and your heavy duty vehicle.

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EV and Bike Loaners

When available we have loaner vehicles and bikes for extended vehicle stays.

Discounts and Specials

You’re saving by being a member through free green oil changes. Get member discounts on mount and balance services and seasonal specials.

VIP Events

We like to say thank you to our members as often as we can. A sweet perk of your membership is receiving invitations to exclusive events with our awesome partners.

What's included in your Heavy Duty Care membership

FREE Oil Changes

FREE Safety Inspections

FREE Wiper Insert Replacements

FREE Trouble Code Scans

FREE Tire Rotations

FREE Engine Air Filter Replacements

FREE Bulb & Fuse Replacements

FREE Fluid Top Offs

FREE Flat Repair

10% Off Tires

Loaner car use
(when available)

Terms & Conditions

Heavy Duty Care Use

Annual commitment

The Heavy Duty Care membership is minimum 12-month commitment, billed automatically monthly. Your membership will automatically renew on the anniversary of your membership sign-up.

One vehicle per membership

Your Heavy Duty Care membership is linked to any individual vehicle that takes up to 15 quarts of oil. Customers can establish as many memberships as they choose, with each membership is dedicated to a different vehicle. Transfers between vehicles is allowed with proof of sale or loss. We reserve the right to limit transfers to one transfer annually. Unfortunately, if a vehicle is totaled or sold, we cannot change the original terms agreed upon at the time of Truck Care registration, but please contact us for options.

Want to cancel early?

You can cancel your membership at any time. We simply ask that you pay the difference between the membership discounts received and the amount paid in membership dues. Examples:

  • If $75 in dues has been collected but $100 in services has been discounted under the membership, the cost to cancel early is the $25.
  • If $90 in dues has been collected and $80 in services has been discounted, there is no cost to cancel early.

Abuse of membership

Any abuse of the Heavy Duty Care membership, as determined by Green Drop Garage, will result in cancellation of membership. The Heavy Duty Care membership is not available for commercial use vehicles, such as Lyft, ridesharing, meal delivery, or other business use; using the Heavy Duty Care membership for a commercial-use vehicle is considered abuse.Non-payment would be considered abuse of plan. Accounts older than 45 days may be closed, and if a balance is due, may be eligible for collections.

Transferring to vehicles not owned by your household is considered abuse of membership.


Green Drop memberships are not designed for vehicles without an OBD-II Port. In general, this applies to all vehicles older than 1996.

Heavy Duty Care Services

We encourage you come in for your car’s first visit with us as soon as your membership is active. The Heavy Duty Care membership visit is available to all active members and covers all basic maintenance for personal use vehicles that take up to 15 quarts of oil.

Basic maintenance: what to expect

All basic maintenance services are performed at Green Drop’s discretion and are based on manufacturer specifications and backed by our good judgement. We do not recommend any unnecessary maintenance. Typical services included in the Heavy Duty Care membership includes:

  • Oil change
  • Wiper blade insert replacement
  • Tire rotation
  • Engine air filter replacement
  • Top off any fluids
  • Replace any burned out bulbs* or fuses
  • Safety inspection
  • Trouble code scans

Specialty bulbs

Most light bulbs are covered in the Heavy Duty Care memberships (limit $30 value). However, specialty bulbs and extra labor require additional payment.

Preliminary diagnostics

While advanced diagnostics lasting longer than 15 minutes are not covered under the Heavy Duty Care membership, a preliminary 15-minute or less diagnostic is included in the Heavy Duty Care membership. Advanced diagnostics require additional payment (diagnostics lasting longer than 15-minutes).

Loaner vehicles

While we make every effort to provide a “loaner” vehicle at the time of drop-off, the availability of a “loaner” vehicle cannot be guaranteed at a specific time or location.

Thanks for reading this far!

We value our members, our staff, and our community. We strive to be practical in administering our membership programs and always welcome communication.

We take pride in reviewing each request for an exception on an individual basis and value continued communication during this process.

Please know, that while we appreciate your feedback, we are rarely able to make exceptions to our current terms and conditions.

Member feedback will be considered for future updates and continuously helps guide improvements to this innovative program!

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