Our Commitment to the Environment

Most energy consumed by humans comes from non-renewable fossil fuels like coal, oil and natural gas.

Fossil fuels are in short supply.

They also cause pollution and add carbon dioxide to the greenhouse layer when they are burnt to produce energy. Until other means of producing electricity from renewable resources get started, we believe in cutting down our energy use from fossil fuels.

Green Drop is committed to reducing environmental impact, both in the garage and on the road.


So, what are we doing about it?


Eco-friendly Oil Changes = 85% Less Energy

Like many other car garages in town, we offer an oil change. But WE use a high-quality re-refined motor oil that takes 85% less energy to produce. Instead of using virgin crude oil, we help to “close the loop” by using a product that’s been reclaimed from old waste oil. One gallon of used oil can create 2.5 quarts of new, quality oil, compared to 42 gallons of crude oil needed to make the same amount. Of course, quality is in no way sacrificed in this process. Our re-refined motor oil is certified by the American Petroleum Institute (API) and meets the same strict standards of quality and performance as oil derived directly from crude oil. In this way, you are helping to encourage a more environmentally friendly system of waste management and preserving a non-renewable resource, just by getting your oil changed!

Green Practices

Green Drop is committed to reducing environmental impact, both in the garage and on the road. From using Low-VOC chemicals to promoting alternate forms of transport, the staff at Green Drop are doing our part to make this planet last a little bit longer.  We contract with companies that recycle our waste oils, coolants, and other fluids. From partnering with other B-Corporations in Portland to our pollutant-free loaner bikes, we believe every instance is a chance to reduce our impact. We even found that our biggest use of water was flushing the toilet. Our solution? Harvest rainwater to use instead. 1 day of Portland rain is enough water to flush 400 times!

Our ultimate goal is to keep your car running and on the road as long as possible because even the longest list of repairs is less expensive and more eco-friendly than buying a new car.

Bikes Loaners and Ride Services

Other shops might give you a loaner to get around while they work on your car.  We can do that, but we've also partnered with Bike N’ Hike and Seven Corners Cycles to provide you with bikes, fully equipped with locks, helmets, and lights. And you can use it until we finish with your car. If you need a set of wheels with a motor, we offer credits from Car2Go and ReachNow whose fleets include electric vehicles.