Green Drop Cares

Help us help you help others.


Lots of people need cars that run,

but can’t afford the (sometimes) high cost of auto repair.


We can’t do free work and afford to stay in business, but we can open up our shop after hours and donate the space and equipment to fix cars.

Another small way we show love the best way we know how – through your car. Our technicians also want to help where they can, and some will donate their skills – Pro-bono!

If you or someone you know does good in this world, but has a car that needs some TLC, we want to help.

Teachers, social workers, etc. - all you helpers, we’re looking at you!


Questions? Just shoot us an email and we'll get back to you ASAP!

If you'd like to apply, write us an email including:

  1. Your name, preferred contact, and your story - what you do in our community and how are you helping?

  2. The year, make, and model of your vehicle.

  3. The problems are you having with your vehicle.

  4. Has your car been to Green Drop Garage?

  5. Attach any relevant document - Pictures, PDF, etc.

  6. Acknowledge that you have read and understand our terms & conditions below.

Terms & Conditions.

Limit 500 words. Submit story by Nov 11, midnight. All submissions may be used for promotional purposes. Promotion only covers the cost of labor. Finalists will be chosen by GDG. Recipient must be a "public helper" (social worker, teacher, firefighter, etc.).