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Dana Golden Presents: Seasonal Changes and Staying Healthy

This class is an hour of education focussed on staying healthy and happy with winter and seasonal threats approaching. Dana will teach you how to support you and your family using the purest plant compounds in the form of essential oils.

Join Dana Golden, a Natural Healthcare Educator with dōTERRA Essential Oils, to learn about dōTERRA® and how to effectively and safely incorporate Essential Oils into your daily life and create a healthy, non-toxic lifestyle. Dana is also a Licensed Massage Therapist and Certified Health Coach. She runs

The class is free.

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Green Drop Central
July 13th, 7pm | August 1st, 7pm
Green Drop Moreland
July 27th, 7pm | August 15th, 7pm
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Car Care 101

In this class you will learn how to change your oil, replace an air filter, check your car’s vital fluids, change a flat tire, and how to give it a quick safety inspection. Come prepared to get your hands dirty…

Class runs 1.5 hours
Cost: $40

Car Care 102

In this class you will learn about the inner workings of you car’s gas engine. We will go through basic tune-up procedures and acquaint you with your engine’s vital components. Inspection and replacement of spark plugs, distributors, drive belts, fuel filter will be covered.

This is our most popular class. Prior enrollment in car care 101 is not necessary, though a desire to learn and get your hands dirty is a must!

Class runs 1.5 hours
Cost: $40

Women-Only Car Classes

Yea, unfortunately, perception is sometimes reality. If you feel less than confident talking to a mechanic, or if you just want to learn in a non-intimidating atmosphere, this class is for you.

The all-women’s class is more in-depth. We will cover the topics of Car Care 101, and also delve deeper into common repairs and when you actually need them done. This class will also include an extended question and answer session.

Class runs 2 hours
Cost: $40

Road Trip

Don’t set out on the open road unprepared. Learn how to inspect your vehicle to prevent common breakdowns. Build the ultimate prep kit to help you handle those times when the compost hits the fan or to assist a fellow motorist in need. Swap stories of the lonely highways and learn some handy driving techniques and quick fixes. This is a hands-on experience, with the opportunity to craw under cars and get dirty. You’ll leave with the pseudo-official pre-trip checklist and a new appreciation for duct tape!

Class runs 2 hours
Cost: $40