Why Teach Classes?

Why do we teach Car Care Classes?

We’ve gotten this question a lot - why do you teach Car Care Classes? 

Well, there’s a lot of reasons. We could speculate but we’d rather let Farhad tell you. 

“Our Car Care Classes exist so we can demystify the car ownership experience. These classes were in the original Green Drop Garage business plan. They were designed to empower people to go and learn. The whole point was to clarify how cars operate and show folks that they’re not magical black boxes - they can learn how to fix them!”

“There’s no benefit to having the gatekeeper mentality. If we have the knowledge, why not share it? Other shops may see something like this as a waste of time because they want to be as profitable as possible. But by doing so they’re missing the greater picture of doing the right thing. You do right by yourself by doing right for others. The takeaway from these classes is not to come back to our shop for a repair, it’s empowerment and trust.”

“We build trust by providing knowledge and with that knowledge comes the confidence to walk into any shop and be an active participant in the conversation.  If someone leaves a seminar with that confidence, that’s a win. And that’s when we know we’ve done the right thing.” 


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