Slippery When Wet: 5-tips for Winter Driving

If you're noticing any of these being problems now, LET US KNOW!

What should you look for before driving this winter? 

Just like Ms. Lauryn Hill told us, "Seasons change, mad things rearrange." Like clockwork, winter is around the corner. More often than not, our cars let us know something is up during times of distress: extreme temperatures, variable weather conditions, driving on steep or bumpy roads, the list goes on. We suggest bringing your car in before repair or maintenance is needed. Having to deal with car troubles in the spur of the moment is no fun. Here are some things to look out for as you head into the rainy season:

  1. Tires: Whatever you do, take care of your shoes! Keeping your tires at the appropriate PSI ensures they’re in tip-top shape and it also helps with MPG! Not to mention, something as simple as a tire rotation can really enhance your control on the road. 
  2. Battery: Cold weather can affect your battery. If your battery is starting to get weak now, bringing it in to get checked on can prevent some potential problems down the road. 
  3. Brakes: Get them checked, even if you’re pretty sure you don’t need them! Your tires and brakes are your stopping power. We inspect brakes and tires every visit to ensure you're driving a safe car.
  4. Cooling system: Sure, coolant prevents your car from overheating but did you know it helps some components avoid freezing? You'll want to make sure it has the proper mixture level.
  5. AC: You could defog your windows by using the classic  “sleeve over the hand” technique, but why not try to avoid that scenario? AC controls your defrost. And, fun fact, AC sucks the humidity out of the air - THAT’S what defogs your window. Who knew, right?

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