We Care.

About you, our community, our environment.

We fix cars. But how we do it makes all the difference - car repair can and should be different. Our environmental slant is just the start. We invest back into our staff with full benefits, continuing education and promotion from within.
Our community also shares in our success. We help where we can - whether it be free repair services for non-profits, teaching classes, support of local farmers, or fundraisers for causes we believe in.
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Meet The Team

Farhad Founder

When not working or skiing, Farhad spends time with his very beautiful wife and two children.

Mike Manager, Central

Not only a master of automobiles, but also a master of the guitar. 

Jake Marketing & Outreach Specialist

The transplanted east coaster. Everybody knows one, right?

Mekel Service Advisor, Central

She's getting married this summer!

Eric Service Advisor, Central

If you need information on raising your vehicle, country music or where to go offroading, he's your guy!

Jarod Service Advisor, Central

When the clock strikes 6:00 PM, he makes sure to go home and help his daughter with her math homework.

Noe Manager, Moreland

Noe’s favorite color is green (Go Ducks!). His dream car is a 1985 Toyota Truck (like Marty McFly from Back to the Future).

Nick Office Manager / Accounting

Nick is an accomplished chef and composer coming from a long line of entertainers. With over 35 years of book keeping experience, he remains Green Drop's preferred accountant. 

Brad Technician

Brad likes fishing, and camping. One day he’ll own a 69 Camaro SS.

Carlos Technician

Carlos DJs parties in his off hours and races RC cars. His favorite color is blue.

Chris Technician

Chris loves spending time with his daughter and lovely wife when not hard at work. He loves the color blue, because his eyes are steely blue.

James Technician

Lover of his truck, his work, a fine beer, his family and a good opportunity to kick back during his off time. 

Jake Technician

One day Jake will own both a Porsche 930 Turbo and '69 Super Beetle. He’s kind of a guitar nerd.

Harvey Technician

When asked what he does outside of work, he proudly responded, "I enjoy spending time with my daughter." If you ask us, his priorities are certainly in order. 

Steve Technician

"I don't like smiling. No joke, ask my wife about our wedding photos!" Direct quote coming from the guy who's grinning ear to ear. 

Stu Technician

He'll never admit it, but he may like Kombucha more than you!

Kyle Special Projects Manager

Our Jack of all trades in residence. 

Our Commitment to the Environment

Here’s the deal: Most energy consumed by humans comes from non-renewable fossil fuels like coal, oil and natural gas. Fossil fuels are in short supply. They also cause pollution and add carbon dioxide to the greenhouse layer when they are burnt to produce energy, even driving your car. Until other means of producing electricity from renewable resources like solar, wind, tides, rivers, ocean waves and geothermal head get started, we have to cut down our use of energy from fossil fuels.

Until they do, we have to cut down our use of energy from fossil fuels. To that end, Green Drop is committed to reducing environmental impact, both in the garage and on the road.

So, what are we doing about it?

Eco-friendly Oil Changes = 85% Less Energy

Like many other car garages in town we offer an oil change. But we don’t stop there. We use a high quality re-refined motor oil that takes 85% less energy to produce. This means that instead of using motor oil derived from virgin crude oil we help to “close the loop” by using a product that’s been reclaimed from old waste oil. One gallon of used oil can create 2.5 quarts of new, quality oil, compared to 42 gallons of crude oil needed to make the same amount. Of course quality is in no way sacrificed in this process. Our re-refined motor oil is certified by the American Petroleum Institute (API) and meets the same strict standards of quality and performance as oil derived directly from crude oil. In this way, you are helping to encourage a more environmentally friendly system of waste management and preserving a non-renewable resource, just by getting your oil changed!

Green Practices

Green Drop is committed to reducing environmental impact, both in the garage and on the road. From using Low-VOC chemicals to promoting alternate forms of transport, the staff at Green Drop are doing our part to make this planet last a little bit longer.  We contract with companies that recycle our waste oils, coolants, and other fluids. From our all electric smart car loaner, to our pollutant-free loaner bikes, we believe every instance is a chance to reduce our impact. We even found that our our biggest use of water was flushing the toilet.  Our solution? Harvest rainwater to use instead. 1 day of Portland rain is enough water to flush 400 times!

Our ultimate goal is the goal to keep your car running and on the road as long as possible because, when it comes down to it, even the longest list of repairs is less expensive and more eco-friendly than buying a new car.

Bikes and smart Loaners

Other shops might loan you a car to get around while they work on your car.  We can do that, but we've also partnered with Bike N’ Hike and Seven Corners Cycles to provide you with bikes, fully equipped with locks, helmets and lights. And you can use it until we finish with your car.  We also have a small fleet of  eco-friendly Green Drop smart cars. We're sure you'll recognized these around town.

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