The Green Drop Way

We are green to our foundations. From reclaiming and recycling buildings in the community that become home to another Green Drop Garage, to the re-refined oil and lower impact chemicals we use, we do everything we can to make auto repair and maintenance as eco-friendly as possible.

A Better Way Forward

Green Drop Garage got its start converting vehicles from diesel to vegetable oil. Now, we are a full-service auto maintenance and repair business with four locations in the Portland metro area.

Green Drop Garage seeks to change the way car repair is performed and how repair shops interact with their employees, our community, and the environment.

In working with state environmental agencies and other shops in the area, Green Drop Garage continues to push the boundaries of what eco-friendly auto repair can be.

When you become a Green Drop customer —or better yet a member— you are standing with our commitment to support eco-friendly practices. Plus, you get the immediate benefit of protecting your investment through routine car maintenance.

Green Drop Mission, Vision, and Values

Our culture is one of commitment to customers and the environment. We are your neighbors and friends — and we’re on the road with you. Our mission and values keep us aligned with our goal of service.

Mission: Significance

We bring significance to the car care experience by creating meaningful connections with our clients and use business as a force for good.

Value #1: Do the Right Thing

We consider the impact of every decision we make. We strive to do right by our clients, our team, and our environment. If we make a mistake, we own it and fix it – even if (and especially if) nobody is watching.

Value #2: Get it Done

We take pride in what we do – we exceed expectations, produce at high levels, and push our comfort zones to grow. We don’t accept limitations; if there is a better way of doing something, we’ll find it.

Value #3: Solve Problems

At Green Drop, it’s never just, “Your car is broken,” but, “Here’s what we can do to fix it.” We are committed to the outcome of our work together, and tackle every challenge with a solutions mindset. We listen closely, interpret carefully, and deliver thoughtful solutions – every time.

Farhad Ghafarzade, Founder of Green Drop Garage

Farhad Ghafarzade’s background in molecular biology, love of nature, and interest in tinkering led him to start Green Drop Garage. His long, strange roadtrips were powered by his vegetable oil powered car. Farhad wanted to convert cars for others to make the world a little more interesting, more fun, and more green.

Farhad believes in leading by example, but his vision was bigger. His philosophy is that it starts with ourselves first. From there we are able to move on to our neighborhood, then the community, and as we grow, the bigger our impact can be. The environment sustains us and we need to be stewards of it, caring for it as much as we can. Little steps can have a big impact that positively impacts the community and the world.

Yes, we are still fixing cars, and most of those cars still emit pollutants. But we look at every opportunity to find a green solution to the work.

By doing a good job in a green way, we are making a difference in our community. Customers are happy knowing we are doing right by them, right by the community, and right by the environment.

“I think we can have it all: eco-friendly and high quality work all delivered with awesome service!“

The Green Drop Team

We are a group of Portlanders who have a ball working for a green alternative auto repair shop.

Speaking of a ball, every shop has a disco ball up raining sparkles in our garages to remind us to still have fun at work.

Our team is committed to our customers, the community, and the environment. We're diverse. We come from different backgrounds with unique life experiences that fuels a productive, rewarding place to work. We are your neighbors and friends — and we’re on the road with you.

Meet the Team

Farhad G

Farhad hits the slopes every chance he gets. He and his family take every opportunity to explore the wonderland surrounding Portland including hang time at Seaside, Oregon.

Victor V

Victor is an Assistant Store Manager at our Moreland location. He enjoys learning about ancient cultures and roaming the city with his camera.

Skyler L

Skyler is an Assistant Store Manager at our Uptown and MLK locations. When not serving our Portland Northwest neighborhood, Skyler loves to cook and serve up flavor in the kitchen with his partner and furry friend, Crunchy. He's the head chef and has to make sure all the food is up to snuff and bark worthy. From time to time, he enjoys winding down with some good ol' video games. One of his favorites is Stardew Valley.

Skyler enjoys turning frowns upside when having to take your vehicle in for service or repairs. Everyone knows that a check engine light translates to dollars, but it doesn't always mean it has to be painful. With honesty and integrity, he works his best to keep costs down and morale high. If you get a chance, swing on by and say hello, you'll be greeted with warmth and a smile.

Jack H

Jack joined the Green Drop Garage team in April of 2023, bringing top notch service as the Store Manager to our Moreland location. He came to us with 10 years of experience in the automotive industry between customer service, sales, and aftermarket performance. He has been wrenching on, modifying, and racing cars since he could stand, and is excited to continue his automotive journey with Green Drop Garage! His favorite aspect of the company is that his shop is a true team - everybody is there to help each other grow, learn, and succeed. When he isn't working on cars, you're likely to catch Jack on the golf course.

Caleb E

Store ManagerCaleb keeps everything humming at our Central location, and has been with Green Drop for 5 years. After work, he enjoys drag racing his Foxbody Mustang all around the Pacific Northwest. Caleb is not only Central's Store Manager, but is also very knowledgeable about vehicle diagnostics and is an ASE certified service consultant.

Carlos O

Carlos participates at all Green Drop locations, working through challenging repairs while mentoring junior mechanics. He relaxes mixing music and playing electric car racing games.

We're Always Looking For New Green Droppers

Interested in an automotive career? If you believe in eco-friendly practices and doing the right thing, we’d love to hear from you! Email your resume and we’ll get in touch.

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Green Drop Eco Facts

Our goal is to keep your car running and on the road as long as possible because even the longest list of repairs is less expensive and more eco-friendly than buying a new car. We go a step farther in our green practices - here are just a few:

Our Green Practices

85% Less Energy Used

Our oil changes are radically different. We use a high-quality re-refined motor oil that takes 85% less energy to produce. Instead of using virgin crude oil, we help to “close the loop” by using a product that’s been reclaimed from old waste oil.

Closed Loop System

One gallon of used oil can create 2.5 quarts of new, quality oil, compared to 42 gallons of crude oil needed to make the same amount. Of course, quality is in no way sacrificed in this process.

ESAT (Environmentally Sustainable Actions) Program

We employ responsible ECO-Friendly Auto Care standards and practices in four primary categories: 1) Pollution Prevention, 2) Recycling, 3) Resource Conservation, and 4) Offering and Promoting ECO-Friendly Auto Care services.

Oil Gold Standard

Our re-refined motor oil is certified by the American Petroleum Institute (API) and meets the same strict standards of quality and performance as oil derived directly from crude oil. In this way, you are helping to encourage a more environmentally friendly system of waste management and preserving a non-renewable resource, just by getting your oil changed.

We Support Local

We do business with local Portland companies making a difference. Their missions and actions to make the world a little better are important to us.

When possible, we choose local, eco-friendly companies that share our values.

Paying it Forward

From sharing our eco-expertise with Portland’s small business community to assisting with food drives and other events, we believe that by giving back, we all get a lot more. Improving circumstances for the less privileged in our community makes our community more secure. Sharing our knowledge helps everyone make more informed choices. We’re inspired by the concept that small steps by many make profound differences in the health of our community.

Low VOC Chemicals

We contract with companies that recycle our waste oils, coolants, and other fluids.

B-Corp Partner

We partner with other B-Corporations in Portland.

Reclaimed and Recycled Shops

At every Green Drop location, we worked to reclaim as much of the original structure as possible to help preserve the unique character of Portland.

Battery Recycling

Our recycling habits include any parts and batteries.

Energy Use

Our biggest use of water was flushing the toilet so we harvest rainwater to use instead. One day of Portland rain is enough water to flush 400 times!